News | October 24, 2019

Great performance in this record year for Island Constructor

  • 24 wells in a year, the highest ever for this vessel, and it included transit from North Sea to West Africa and back
  • 9-wells campaign in West Africa, completed in just 84 days. 110 runs , 780 m. of scale cleaned, 24 GLV change out, 1 SCSSV repaired
  • First RLWI operation with TIOS' PDT - Precision Drilling Tool for gas retrofit in subsea well 
  • 6-wells acid fracturing campaign with pumping flowrate of 60 bpm, probably the highest ever achieved in an RLWI hydraulic intervention operation
  • 6-wells campaign in the Barents Sea (Arctic) completed in September/October in just 48 days (including mob/demob and transit) with only 2.5 days (~5%) waiting on weather

Well done Island Constructor! Well done TIOS!